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In addition to OnCare’s own offering, we recognized that if other easy-to-use, web-based solutions could integrate with our center management system, that centers would benefit even further - all while eliminating the hassle of managing duplicate data.

To do this, OnCare selected several of the best ECE technology companies, and created integration between our solutions and theirs – essentially creating a  "Hub and Spoke" model. OnCare Office, our center management tool acts as the “hub,” and our partner solutions integrate with OnCare Office to form the “spokes.” These value-added services can be selected a la cart, used separately or altogether. Regardless of the selection, ECE providers can come to one spot to learn about these best of breed technologies and receive a consultative experience – all at the best value. Call for special pricing.

OnCare Technology Partners


Staff88:Staff88 is the leading cloud-based labor management solution provider for the childcare industry. We help childcare owners to save time and labor cost, thus increasing the bottom line.

Staff88 IRiS: (Intelligent Resource iScheduler), automates and optimizes the staff scheduling process. Staff88’s Sub-Share Network allows childcare providers to access affordable subs and to screen/recruit high quality staff.

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ChildCare CRM

ChildCare CRM: A web-based, industry specific customer relationship management and marketing system. It is the culmination of over 20 years’ experience in the child care industry and provides a solution for the challenges that are facing child care operators with respect to gaining new enrollments and keeping their facilities at or near full occupancy.

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KidReports:KidReports was founded in 2011 in order to help parents stay connected with their children. Since then, we have grown into a complete tool for digital classroom management, parent communication and engagement, and licensing compliance. Now in use across the United States and internationally, KidReports provides the most customizable and flexible set of tools for tracking activities, messaging parents, and keeping digital records.

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Minute Menu:Minute Menu offers business management software for all aspects of the child care food program and for the home daycare and center daycare markets. Since 1993, Minute Menu has been providing quality, money-saving child care software solutions for USDA food program sponsors and child care providers.

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